Control Box2

Advanced solution to easily control the presets on the LiveCore series.

The Control Box² is an ergonomic and compact solution designed to operate your LiveCore(TM) series remotely with ease and comfort. Thanks to the 99 physical key buttons, Control Box² gives instant access to any of the LiveCore presets and embeds a T-Bar for smooth manual transitions. Its illuminated keys are designed for fault-free operation, allowing users to focus on the action and not the user interface.

Product details

Control Box2 at a glance:
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum case
  • 99 function-labeled keys
  • T-Bar for manual smooth transitions
  • Addressable blue and red backlighting
  • Readily operational on all LiveCore(TM) series (External Software supplied)
  • USB connection to PC or Mac
User Controls - Livecore
  • Load instantly any kind of preset (Screen preset, Master preset, Confidence Screen preset or Monitoring preset)Change the source displayed in one or more PIPs (live input, frame, logo or color)
  • Change native background
  • Manual transition (T-bar), immediate (CUT) or programmed (TAKE)
  • Select current destination (Preview or Program)
  • Freeze/unfreeze live inputs
  • 1 USB connector