Powerful intuitive and ergonomic Remote Controller for Rental & Staging/Multi-Venues/Integration

ORC50 at a glance: 
  • User-friendly and powerful Remote Controller
  • Controls simultaneously up to 6 screens in single or multiple display configuration
  • Can store up to 64 presets per screen selection
  • Controls a large number of Analog Way's Seamless Switchers
  • Off-Line Programming
  • Snap Function
  • Equipped with a USB port, the complete configuration of the event can be saved for future use

Product details

To control the following Seamless Switchers
  • DVX8044: Di-VentiX II 
  • EKS500: Eikos 
  • EKS400: Eikos LE
  • SMX200: Smart MatriX
  • SMX100: Smart MatriX LE
  • PLS300: Pulse
  • PLS200: Pulse LE
  • SQD200: Smart Quad 
  • SMX200: Smart MatriX 
  • SMX100: Smart MatriX LE 
  • PLS300: Pulse 
  • PLS200: Pulse LE 
  • SQD200: Smart Quad
  • STE200: Smart Edge FX
  • STE100: Smart Edge
  • EKS550: Eikos²
  • SPX450: Saphyr
  • PLS350-3G: Pulse²-3G
  • QVU150: QuickVu
  • QVU150-3G: QuickVu-3G
  • QMX150: QuickMatriX
  • SMX250: SmartMatriX²

External Programming 
All Presets can be prepared on the Orchestra² and recalled by Control Systems. Templates can be selected and filled by chosen source. Simple and affordable, the Orchestra² saves time and money by programming many presets which can be recalled by a third party controller and later changed without reprogramming the third-party controller.

Special tips
The Orchestra² can be controlled by an external controller from CRESTRON ®, AMX® or any other major control system.