Rackmount control unit

Rack mountable master control unit for creating system solutions for large-scale video walls applications.

Product details

Key features
  • Full control over the LiveCore series image processors (up to 24 chassis)
  • Manages up to 96 video outputs and up to 576 layers (192+ Megapixels)
  • Configuration and control via proprietary embedded software
  • Matrix switch control
  • Up to 200 layout presets
  • Macros - Network commands to any IP controllable device
  • Remote operations capability via VNC
  • Extremely reliable, adapted to 24/7/365 applications
  • 2RU rackmount chassis - slide rails kit included
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
  • 2 separate gigabit Ethernet network interface connections
  • LED indicators and audible alarm notification for system fault detection
  • TCP API for remote control - AMX and Crestron drivers supplied
  • 6 x rear USB ports and 2 x front USB ports
  • External pointing device and QWERTY keyboards supported over USB
Large scale System Solution
RCU300 will enable you to combine and control multiple Analog Way image processors and switchers to create a large-scale system solution for video wall applications that require a large amount of inputs, outputs and layers.

Unleash the power of LiveCore
The RCU300 will unleash all the scaling horsepower underneath the hood of the LiveCore series.  Maximize the capability of your Analog Way image processing by using the RCU300 to control and configure your solution. Control up to 96 outputs with up to 576 seamless layers!  Create huge video canvases for LED and display arrays (192+ MPixels)! Casinos, stadiums, command and control, huge retail signage, all now possible with the RCU300!

Analog Way's integrated solution
Analog Way gives you all the tools you need to integrate cutting edge image processing technology into large scale video wall projects:  Control and manage upstream matrix switchers, create network commands and macros to control any device in the system, remotely launch RCU300 tasks from an automation system... All the tools you need to flexibly and creatively integrate the solution that your customer has envisioned!