DMX repeater with cable monitoring

The TourPatch 8 features a revolutionary cable monitoring system that can distinguish multiple types of cable faults, alongwith a fault location algorithm. Its full-color display clearly indicates if a cable is shorted, terminated, crossed with high voltage lines, or simply open, along with the distance to the fault.
Displayed model might slightly differs from actual product.

Product details

  • Advanced cable diagnostics, including distance to fault (±5 ft accuracy) and type of fault (open circuit, short, or high voltage)
  • 8 fully isolated DMX ports with cable diagnostics
  • Advanced DMX routing and merging algorithms
  • Zero-latency, cable-like signal path
  • All features controlled by full-color OLED display
  • Abundant visual status indicators
  • RDM compliant with message forwarding
  • USB-to-DMX interface with 2 ports