Theatrixx product - LED panels, converters and more

The result of many years of experience and a privileged customer relationship with major users, xVision has been designed to raise the bar in the field of LED video screens for event and fixed installation. Essential functions such as light intensity, installation safety and IP65 protection have been integrated into innovative solutions such as a new standard of connectors, a simple and fast rigging system and versatile accessories. Discover xVision, the new industry standard.

xVision is a group of passionate and dedicated engineers, technicians, designers and operators who are committed to achieving perfection. We deliver precision- engineered, high quality products with best-in-class reliability with great concerns on return on investment. Understanding the needs of our customers throughout application experience, our technical support team and our unpralleled on-site support team are always available when you need it most. As a group we are constantly setting industry standards by raising the bar towards a safer and more reliable product offering that will improve our industry for our customer and end-users alike.

Our xVision Academy program is unique and offers classes meant to learn and understand how to use xVision products to their fullest. We believe a product is only as good as it's operators knowledge, and that training classes should not only teach basic opera- tion but offer insight on how to take the technology even further.

All members in our design team have extensive experience in touring, installation, design and product innovation. This is why we can offer the most complete line of accessories, supports, hanging brackets, controllers, cables and adaptors on the market. Our research & development team has toured the world looking for the latest technologies to bring radically new innovations to the table, and to find the best suppliers for every component of the xVision system.

We design equipment we want to tour with.